Fashion Editorial Pantheon Paris — 2019

Latin: pantheon | Greek: πάνθειον

Temple to all gods 

Place du Panthéon — End of Paris Fashion Week S/S, September 2019.

12.30 pm. Gloomy skies in Paris. Third time in the city but this time with a very busy schedule. Pit stop at le Panthéon before the next lunch appointmet in Marais. The sky was about to fall again but we managed to get the shoot done either way. The Pantheon is mesmerizing inside out, so we got really inspired by geometries and proportions. The few tourists we met inside remained very silent so it made the space look even more majestic and notorius. 

Where time stands still — A feeling.

The ashes inside of the mausoleum. Sharing the same space that the rests of Victor Hugo, Voltaire and Rousseau for a brief moment.

Metaphysics of time.

Time produce a natural as well as nonnatural form of meaning. The Pantheon materializes a frozen time. Statues and arts rising as if they were freed of the conditions of time and space. No matter how distorted or discolored, how fresh and passionated they look like. The virtue lays in the process of their becoming, in the representation model of eternity. 

Let us have the courage

In the tradition of Greeks and Romans, from whom we have received the maxims of liberty, and as an example to the rest of Europe, let us have the courage not to dedicate this temple to a saint. Let it become the Panthéon of France! Let us install statues of our great men and ley their ashes to resh in its underground recesses.-Marquis de Villete & the new purpose.

Fashion Editorial Pantheon Paris

Fashion Editorial Pantheon Paris


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