WHEN CREATIVITY IS A NEED — On unstable and uncertain times, fashion shows have the duty to prevail original. We made a compilation of the most surprising creative techniques for digital livestream 2021 fashion season shows. 


Juun J. 2021 Spring/Summer collection at digital Paris Fashion Week

If the worldwide pandemic has brought something positive is its incessant push towards creatives. We have seen photographers portraying the daily situation from their windows to the confined world; filmmakers recording on their own houses, actors playing their roles from their laptop or musicians cheering the mournful atmosphere with the sound of their instruments.

And we can keep enlisting cases of boosts of creativity around all the world. But what had happened with fashion? Where are all those dazzling events and presentations of the new collections? Milan, Paris, London, or New York, the four main capitals of fashion, have had to close their spaces and turn off the lights for their passionate fashion public.

The digital – without any doubt has been the clear savior of the industry. The infinite possibilities that Internet offers have forced creative directors to make an impact without losing their soul in the vast space of the digital world. In this article, BLASS makes an oda to all those creatives that managed to reinvent themselves.



Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2020

THE DIGITAL FASHION CALL: Boramy Viguier London FW collection

Boramy Viguier compilation of 2021 Spring Summer collection at digital presentation on Paris Fashion Week



Uncanny mannenquins of Walter Van Beirendonck

Dior is definitely one of the main referents in the new digital era. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the current designer of the brand, confessed that this was their first online couture presentation. The online show was a compendium of mannequins based on the concept of ‘Théâtre de la Mode’, during II World War, when fashion couture’s exposed their designs on mannequins at the Louvre.

Using the Zoom app, the campaign created by Dior uses scaled-down clothes with abstract shadows and forms that call to fantasy that resembles to the fantastic world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Designer Walter Van Beirendonck was as well inspired using miniatures to create its online preview campaign. The collection called ‘Mirror’, based on ghost-like figures on paintings by Swiss artist Miriam Cahn, dare the uncanny with its deformed and flashy colors.

Of course, surrealism has been one of the main themes for creatives to introduce their designs. Examples are the very digital-mystical collection full of bucket hats of Boramy Viguier or S.W.A.L.K , name of Maison Margiela’s collection that was accompanied with a 50 minutes experimental documentary to its also first ever digital couture week.

THE DIGITAL FASHION CALL: Maison Margiela collection

THE DIGITAL FASHION CALL: Maison Margiela collection

Maison Margiela’s S.W.A.L.K on 2020 Fall/Winter Haute Couture

Presentation of Yohji Yamamoto on an empty walkway at Paris Fashion Week.

Sean Suen collection for Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Artistic practices have been developed in many audiovisual ways, documentaries, fashion films…As we have seen, the use of mannequins has been pretty popular between director’s ideas. Moreover, the pandemic has forced designers to look for more isolated location rather tan busy and outstanding ones. 

With both features, studio and mannequins, LOEWE launched its latest campaing ‘show in a box’. Something similar happened to JW Anderson 2021 Men Spring/Summer collection. Jonathan Anderson decides to create fictional characters using illustrations of men’s faces as heads.

Remarkable creative techniques have been the use of collages, long exposures or the double exposure with models and clothes affected strongly by the lighting. Some brands as Lanvin, decided to take a more conservative approach. Located near to Lyon, France, on Le Palais Idéal, Bruno Sialelli presents its collection based on the abrupt architecture of the palace using geometrics and Wes Anderson composition style.

Lanvin models at Le Palais Idéal

At first LOEWE manikin, second double exposure of Études, third Isabel Marant’s model on location, finally Y-Project collection

JW Anderson illustrations for fictional characters at digital London Fashion Week

If quarantine has provoked a common feeling in everyone, is the need of escapism and fashion has not been the exception to it. Some designers had the need to scape from their studios and join their clothes.

This is the case of Kris Van Assche from Berluti. Clearly influenced by the plastic arts, his clothes are full of textures and colors similar to bacteria zooms. Also, the designer practices self-referentiality on the latest collection of the brand by holding his own works on the photographs and online presentations. 

Maybe the digital fashion weeks had been a quick remedy to an extreme situation, but whatever positive or not, they had been an open door to infinite possibilites in the future. A unique and historical event that we have witnessed and that may affect the direction that fashion is about to take. Is fashion’s turn to get tech innovative?

Berluti self-referential and plastic art inspired collection

content editor Noelia Blas
words Penélope Blas


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