Wind & waves. It’s all about that. We are in Fuerteventura and the colours of the sunset turn the sand of the dunes into golden reflections below our feet.

In front of our eyes, the dunes stretches for miles without an ending. It is easy to feel isolated from the world and tempted to lose yourself for a while in the middle of nowhere. Corralejo – the closest village – looks yet so far away that sometimes you cannot see the road anymore.

Fuerteventura can be translated as ‘Strong winds’: a combination between sunshine, dark volcanic rocks and turquoise water that provokes an oniric feeling of paradise.

A multitude of footprints in the sand.

Intensity and nothingness. Near Morocco, Africa seems to be present by the dry climate and the arid landscapes. On one side, the horizon reflects-between a dusty and foggy sky- the saturated waters of the sea and the shape of Lobos’ Island. On the other side, the dark volcanic mountains rise from the dunes into the scenery.

It’s dusty and wild. A representation of the ‘non altered’.

Girl on contrast. Sunset is beginning. 

“The breeze is always there, shaping the sand in different ways. Constantly doing and undoing dunes in the landscape.”

The sea is in calm. On the left, slowly waves. 

photography, art direction & featuring Noelia Blas

editing & words Penélope Blas


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