Model  ANOUCKA UWIMUWE / KATE HURTER    Art Direction  NOELIA BLAS    Muah  CAMILLA GÜNTHER    Photography & Edits  PENÉLOPE BLAS   A campaign for  SOOA CPH

BLASS Studio worked on the photography, styling and creative direction of the latest campaign of Copenhagen based brand SOOA.

The campaign was shot January 2022 at Nobis Hotel. Driven by the desire to create a brand that would combine the simplicity and elegance of modern Scandinavian design with timeless French couture, SOOA was created by designer Tina Razanantsoa. SOOA is a brand and maison couture that creates luxurious high end couture collections with a modern twist. ‘Les femmes timeless’ with Anoucka Uwimuwe and Kate Hurter is a collection that allows women to feel sensual and sophisticated. Photography, creaticve direction and styling by BLASS Studio.



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