It's November and that means a moody playlist is coming your way.

It’s November and that means a moody playlist is coming your way. It’s also Friday and since we still need to remain home, here’s what our TGIF looks like – a glass of wine, rain kindly falling against the window and this playlist playing on repeat. 

This month says goodbye to leaves, sunlight and the warm colours of Autumn. Days keep getting shorter and there’s an air of impertinent melancholy every now and then. We feel like it is a very introspective month – a time to reflect. This playlist aims to somehow boost the new Fridays and Saturdays from home. Grab a glass of wine, that new book you’re reading and a blanket and you’re ready to press play.  November playlist introduces itself as an indefinable mood. Start with ‘The night we met’ of Lord Huron and maybe you will remember Clay and Hannah, and dip your lips on the glass of wine while Debussy’s masterpiece – Clair de Lune – is gracefully playing. Then give a try to the classics – Julie London and her ‘Cry me a river’ or Chet Baker’s ‘I fall in love to easily’.

Do you fancy some more recent tunes? Well, Adele and we’ve got you covered. Do you want to hear something not too classic not too contemporary and plenty of sarcasm? Alone Again (Naturally) is pretty much it. But as every playlist BLASS creates, November also has its rare part: ‘This time it’s over’ from Crybaby is a must as well as ‘It doesn’t matter now’ from Early James. Oh, and if you are strong enough to deal with heartbreak material, Damien Rice’s ‘The Blower Daughter’, is your final song.
You can find the rest of our monthly recommendations at the Playlist Archive.

It's November and that means a moody playlist is coming your way.

a November playlist by BLASS

featured artists in order of appearance:
The night we met Lord Huron
When the party’s over Billie Eilish
Cry me a river  Julie London
This time it’s over Crybaby
The Blower’s Daughter Damien Rice
Clair de Lune Debussy
Alone Again (Naturally) Gilbert O’Sullivan
O Coldplay
The end of the world Herman’s Hermits
It doesn’t matter now Early James
Million years ago Adele
I fall in love to easily Chet Baker


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