Model NOELIA BLASS    Art Direction NOELIA BLAS    Muah TRINE KIHL    Photography & Edits PENÉLOPE BLAS    A campaign for NORDENSTJERNE

BLASS Studio has been in charge of art direction, photography and styiling of Scandinavian Nordenstjerne latest campaign.

The ‘Revive’ Fall / Winter collection launching this 31st March was shot in Nordenstjerne office space in February 2022. Art director and co-founder as well of BLASS Studio, Noelia Blass, is in charge of starred the campaign as model. Nordenstjerne is a slow brand based on the elegance and minimalism of their pieces. The campaign based on the analog, edgy and fun was shot also in minimalist and industrial spaces. BLASS Studio was in charge of modelling, styling, art direction, photography and post production. .



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