Model  BARBARA STISEN    Art Direction  NOELIA BLAS    Muah  TRINE KIHL   Photography & Edits  PENÉLOPE BLAS   A campaign for  NORDENSTJERNE

BLASS Studio has been in charge of art direction, styling and photography for latest lookbook for Nordenstjerne ‘Revive’ collection.

Starring Barbara Stisen, Nordenstjerne presents its latest lookbook for the new ‘Revive’ collection. Nordenstjerne is a Scandinavial brand based om slow fashion and minimalism. The lookbook was shot in Copenhagen were the brand is from this February 2022 with Barbara Stisen and Trine Kihl as make up and hair stylist artist. BLASS studio was in charge of art direction, styling, photography and postproduction of ‘Revive’ lookbook.



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