Reality is the mirror of your thoughts, choose well what you put in front of the mirror. 

Wearing a yellow vintage blouse. Watch Meller and ring Pandora

Yellow sateen stolen from the 80s, bright pink lips and some pearls in between. We’re silently calling the night lovers, funk music and a couple of dirty mirrored disco doors. ‘Proud Mary’ is now playing on our headphones.

Movement is always pleasure. A vintage pearl necklace being shaken in front of a 80’s nightclub.

Hush, don’t tell your mother we took her vintage outfit without permission. 

Ring Pandora Watch Meller Necklace Luxenter 

Vintage pearls necklace and earrings Luxenter

Creative concept & featuring Noelia Blas

Photography & editing Penélope Blas

Fashion Editorial BLASS © 2020


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