NH Collection Copenhagen is located in Christianshavn, a vibrant corner of the beautiful Copenhagen.

Introducing NH Copenhagen Collection

It’s fashion season all over again. Copenhagen and its streets are now filled not only with bikes but with editors, it-girls and models from all over the world. The city is more than ready to welcome fashion week in all its splendor again, and so we are.

NH Collection Copenhagen is located in Christianshavn, a vibrant corner of the beautiful Copenhagen. The historic centre is just a few minutes away and it’s conveniently located for the airport and train station. This time it was crucial to find a hotel that secured a great location, given it’s a week with many events, shows and presentations taking place in different spots of the city.


Bathroom stories 

Light details 

Situated on the stunning harbour, you’ll pass through a beautifully scenic drive before arriving at NH Collection, which is an impressive modernist building covered in glass and designed by master Suenson back in the 50s. Bikes come up and down the bridge and there are some people enjoying a glass of wine by the water. The city is sparkling in an almost perfect summer week.


The hotel welcomes us with some elegant communal spaces and large lounge areas. There is some sitting space on the right where people are enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up with work. It is a big hotel, indeed. The property has more than 300 bedrooms but there’s an unexpected quietness all around. From the reception you can spot their beautiful restaurant with views to the street and natural light coming in to every single one of the tables.


NH Copenhagen breakfast spot

Dreamy aesthetics

A way to say good morning

Shared spaces at NH Copenhagen

We’re staying in one of their double rooms on the third floor. The view hints at some of the skyline of the city and the sky is completely clear. The room breathes the same elegance of the rest of the property, with golden notes, velvet in carpets and chairs, a luxury king-size bed and a smooth lightning. Interiors are not overwhelming or pretentious, more like designed to feel relaxed in the space.

The bathroom includes a beautiful walking shower and a large mirror hangs on one of the dark walls. A professional hair dryer, vanity kits and an iron (it’s fashion week, so it’s always appreciated) are also there to welcome you upon arrival, in case you left these at home. You will also find some coffee, tea and snacks always ready to be picked.

Paradise for two

The smart corner

Room details

Hotel guests have access to the common restaurant, from where you can spot the bustling life of the city. The space is as beautiful as it is calming, even with the constant buzz of visitors popping in and out. Breakfasts do not disappoint, we can assure. You can choose from a wide range of juices and coffees and you may be surprised with a ginger shot on your table (we were). There’s a great variety of homemade pastries, cheeses and bread. You can also find an open kitchen to the side from where you can get a personalized omelet or a couple of pancakes. There’s truly no chance of going hungry.

Overall, we loved our stay at NH Collection Copenhagen and only wished we could have spent more time enjoying the atmosphere of the hotel and maybe renting one of their bikes in the front door to discover new places in town. Next time, I guess. We felt extremely well looked after during our days there and the staff was always thoughtful and willing to help with packages and luggage. We will be back!

Disclaimer: The hotel stay at ‘NH Collection: Copenhagen’ is a gifted invitation. Opinions and reviews are completely reserved to editors’ real experience.


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